6 secrets to keep your denim looking new!

1. Don't wash too often - I'm hearing the internal mum yelling from here. "Umm, not wash. Have you seen my child?" haha, who's from that group? Now, I didn't say NEVER wash, what I mean is if it comes to the end of the day and as they do, clothes get sprawled though the lounge room and 'somehow' scattered towards the bathroom and we go though and do the pick up and see what needs to go in the washing, and really what could last another day. THIS is where you look at the denim and ask yourself 'could I get a sponge and wipe off the marks' If the answer is yes. Then do it. The less denim (and clothing in general) is washed, the longer it will last.

2. Hand wash - Who has time for this right? Well, I've actually started hand washing some items and it has made the turn around time for clothes MUCH quicker. So, If the kids jeans are dirty BUT you want them for the next day (as we always do) give them a quick hand wash in cold water. You have preserved the longevity of the denim and ALSO have the outfit ready for the next day #mumwin.

3. Wash on cold - I only ever washed on cold till I got a new washing machine and of course, I didn't read the instructions and began to wonder why my clothes began shrinking (of course extensive amount of cake had nothing to do with this). Yep, it was the hot washes! Sure, it gets rid of stains in whites much easier etc, but it will shrink your clothes!!! Try and wash in cold for all your denim at least!

4. Wash inside out - this is a super easy hack and will not only make fading a thing of the past, but will also protect the personalised buttons and rivets. 

4. Don't Bleach - Ok, I don't want to be a hypocrite, but I did use to bleach the kids denim....BUT, this was before Stok Denim. I have now created a brand that has this look so you don't have to do it. The dyes we use are MUCH better for the denim and for you so stick with what we make and hey, got a suggestions for a style? send us an email ;)

5. Don't overload your washing machine - Culprit here! But seriously, it won't wash your clothes any better. If anything it will ruin them (I have had holes put in clothes due to them all getting tangled in each other!) So, try take out some items and you will get a better wash and look after your clothes.

6. Air Dry -  We live in Canberra, so we know how important a dryer is but, for your denim try and air dry inside out as much as possible. This will not only ensure the denim doesn't shrink too much but drying inside out will also ensure sun fading doesn't happen as much and the pockets dry all the way though. #winning!

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