Ep 2: First Steps to Ditching Those Anxious Feelings

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Oh, good ol anxiety coming in for its regular visit? This episode is here to give YOU some tools that you can use to get one step closer to being able to control that angry beast.


In this episode you are set in for a date for two with yours truly where we chat all things:


  • How I had a GREAT day today
  • Kids and Anger/Anxiety
  • What is Anxiety? (feeling)
  • How our thoughts create our Anxiety (feeling)
  • How we can change our thoughts to CHANGE our feelings (ultimately reducing the anxious feeling and working towards being able to eliminate it)
  • What you can do now!!




  • Write down your THOUGHTS
  • Write down the FEELINGS you have when you have those thoughts
  • Write down the ACTIONS if you had those THOUGHTS and FEELINGS
  • What would the RESULT be?


OK, now I encourage you to look at those thoughts and change them to a natural thought.


i.e If your thought was ‘I hate my body’ try and change this to ‘I have a body’


Notice how you FEEL when you change this.




DO NOT beat yourself up if you loose your shit.

DO NOT beat yourself up if you do have negative thoughts


NEVER EVER beat yourself up.


Your past (even if it was 2 minutes ago) is your past and you cannot change it.


LITERALLY step forward in life.




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    What a great podcast cobz i really needed to hear it today! Xx

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