Ep 3: Life, Love, Parenting and Mental Health with Lauren Patterson


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On Todays show sitting on the virtual couch with Lauren Patterson!

You might know Lauren from her very well known blog Mad Max Mum (which if you haven’t checked out you should right now….I’ll wait….) which has over 100,000 loyal followers across Instagram and facebook alone!

Lauren isn’t any old mummy blogger though, Lauren is extremely raw & real about both her past and present struggles with mental illness, relationships, breakups and the day in day out of being a mum.

Since having her 2 gorgeous babes Maddi and Max Lauren has become a qualified person trainer and you will regularly see from her insta stories her being in the GYM at 4-4:30am training her clients and also training herself. She is also a self proclaimed Mental Health Warrior and is in the process of becoming a wellness coach so she can help others – told you this chick was amazing! Are you ready to dive in?



  • ‘Choose your own hard’ – not one person is going through the same thing, nor are they feeling the same. This is the same for dealing with these situations – there is not one bandied that will fit everyone’s ache.
  • Every body is different and every woman should feel empowered, strong and beautiful
  • How our own self love and worth filters down to our kids!
  • 6 packs don’t equal happiness – YES! I just love this!
  • You can’t give from an empty cup
  • Letting yourself be upset is ok!
  • Listen to your intuition

AND we finish on…

  • Love is like a fart, but if you have to push to hard then its probably shit – seriously! And, on that…how true!



  • Working out
  • Be outside – take the kids out
  • Lifeline internet chat
  • Meditation and self love  



 If you haven’t already, go connect with Lauren! She is a genuine beautiful soul

Web: www.madmaxmum.com

Facebook: @madmaxmum

Instagram: @___laurenkate




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