Ep: 5 Why Labelling situations as 'Rant Over' & 'Mum Life' is not OK.

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On Todays show sitting back in the house with meeee (how lucky are you!!)

  • Who am I?
  • What is my Story?
  • What is the Real Mum Life Podcast?
  • What is the Real Mum Life (ie. Me) going to offer?
  • What is giving me the shits and something I am taking as my mission to change!!

A lot to get though!!


  • I ‘hid’ my feelings…didn’t work thought my emotions and they came back like a freight train when I slowed down!
  • I now know my thoughts create my feelings which create the actions and results in my life
  • Social media has become a place to voice our struggles and resonate with other mums so we don’t feel alone – however, I see a major problem with this…we are ALWAYS talking about the struggle and not the solution. IT HAS come time to talk about the solutions, the tools.
  • The Real Mum Life is here to stay with weekly Podcasts, Free Resources, an AMAZING in depth Mama Mindset course andddd a private facebook group so you can connect with Mums who are like you and ready to commit to change in their life.


(This isn’t a place to name the ‘tools’ in your life, lets talk about the practical self help tools you can use when someone states their opinion.)

  • Your thoughts create your feelings which create your actions and in turn create the results in your life!!


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