Ep 7: Infertility, Miscarriage and Emotional Wellbeing with Sam from The Pink Elephants Support Network


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On Todays show sitting on the virtual couch with Sam from The Pink Elephants Support Network!

Did you know that over 100,000 couples in Australia experience miscarriage every year?

Scary, yes. But, this is reality and really, what is the emotional impact after miscarriage and infertility? We talk all about this.

This episode is not only so close to my heart, but is something that EVERYONE needs to hear…weather you have gone through loss or infertility Sam Gabbi and Rachel are amazing woman following their hearts and doing so much amazing work.

The Pink Elephants Support network is continuing to grow but needs your support as well.

PLEASE NOTE – if you have recently gone through or are continuing to go through your own infertility or loss journey, please think if this podcast is right for you RIGHT NOW. If you think it might not be the right time please visit https://pinkelephantssupport.com


  • What The Pink Elephants is providing is something that medical practitioners are not providing but all resources have been written with and/or approved by obstetricians, holistic
  • The Pink Elephants has 12 ambassadors that have come onboard to mentor and support women who are going through infertility and/or loss.
  • It’s okay to remember to remember those important due dates – it’s okay to not want to let go.
  • If you know someone who has lost a baby acknowledge they have lost a baby. Tell them you are sorry for their loss and you are here for them.
  • Be prepared that they might not reach out right away
  • Show them your support and love and continue to check in on them.

AND we finish on…

  • Get in contact. Can you do something to help The Pink Elephants Support Network? Fundraise? Spread the word? There is so much we can all do. Email sam@pinkelephantssupport.com


  • Look after you – visit their site for all their amazing downloadable tools
  • How to support your partner
  • How to support a friend who is going through loss
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Ambassadors that have been there that can assist and support you or someone you know
  • What about flowers to someone who has gone through loss? Visit the site.


  • Spread the word via social media or word of mouth
  • Send people these downloadable tools who need them
  • Talk to your local doctors/hospitals and pass on The pink Elephants Support Network’s details – every doctors and hospital needs this to hand over the emotional support.


 If you haven’t already, go connect with Sam and The Pink Elephant Support Network! 

Web: https://pinkelephantssupport.com

Facebook: @pinkelephantssupport

Instagram: @pinkelephantssupport

Support: Support@pinkelephantssupport.com 


Want to send some flowers to someone and also give them some support material?

Web: www.lvly.com.au  




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