Ep 8: Today I'm Feeling Shit, and You Know What? That's Okay!


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On Todays show you’re back on the couch with me!

So today, I was just not feeling great. Feeling anxious. Feeling sad and not really knowing why…and I’m here to talk all about it, while in the moment…




  • It’s ok not to feel great but it is about how you then deal with it…please don’t bottle it away…
  • You are allowed to cry
  • Try not to take it out on your partner, friend etc. I encourage you to explain that you are not feeling 100% and really need to work through your feelings…the nicer you are, the nicer they will be




  • Stop. Move to a quiet area. Take 3 big belly breathes..
  • Write down all your thoughts…everything!!!
  • How do those thoughts make you feel, and NOW is the chance where you get to decide if you want to feel like that…so, do you?
  • You have a choice to start changing your thoughts, BUT you need to believe them…
  • Always ask for help – mum, mother in law, friend…reach out especially for those things like washing, folding, cleaning – say yes to it all!




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