Ep 4: My Top 5 REAL Steps Towards Self Love

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Self Love!!!

A word that is so commonly thrown around these days, but what the hell does ‘self love’ actually mean and what can you do to love yourself? Well my friends, this has been something I have been working on a long time and I am dinally at the stage where yeah, I can say I do love myself! 

So, self love to me is loving your inside first, accepting who you are on the inside and getting to the stage where if you DO put on weight, or do loose weight, or gain some more wrinkles you understand that your looks are just your shell. That.is.it and who you are is ALL on the inside.

Ok, so my top 5 secrets to starting the self love journey…




  1. Change your thoughts…

So, tell me. Why is ok to say to ourselves in the mirror ‘you’re so ugly’ ‘you looks so fat’ ‘look how big and ugly those jeans look’ but if someone else said that to us…well, we would cry. Let’s be real.

So, its time to stop saying (thinking) those horrible thoughts…It’s your choice to CHANGE that. Now, in saying this it’s a big contradictory to go from ‘I hate myself’ straight to ‘I love myself I am amazingggg!’ 

Let’s start with ‘I am a woman’ ‘I have a body’


  1. Put you first...

Now, I can feel your eyes rolling…I’m not saying ‘let’s go take a 30 days holiday’ because…YOLO! P.s I’ve never said YOLO before. (Haha)

Putting you first means setting aside 10 minutes per day (and don’t tell me you don’t have 10 minutes... because its about finding this time) and doing something you love, something that makes you truly happy…not what you think society wants you to do.


  1. Give loveeee…

 And the first step to doing this is putting down your phone!! We are all so caught up in our mobile life that sometimes that you need stop. Look around and give some love. Now, this might be at home with your partner, this might be in a life, in a car park, at the shops. Stop. Say hi to someone, ask how their day is going. Make them smile. You will be surprised how it then makes you feel on the inside.

Start giving and you will also be receiving.


  1. Show up 

Now, to me this is get up, get dressed and get dressed how it makes you feel comfortable! Don’t dress to societies standards, or what you think society wants you to dress in.

Pants that button up are a good start…even though we all love our active wear!


  1. Get someone to write something about you

Ask your partner, friend, husband, wife, neighbour to write something about you. Ask them to write down what things make them think of you?

I can guarantee it wont be the things you are thinking…rarely it will not be about your looks. It will usually be about who you are on the inside, what you like, what you don’t like, how you laugh…go do it and I hope you will be surprised!



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