Ep 1: Speaking out with Issy Kerr from Seriously Milestones.

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Woo hooo – podcast number 1!!

Firstly, welcome to the #realmumlife podcast I feel so genuinely privileged that you have taken time out of your busy day (even if you’re driving) to tune in.

The #REALMUMLIFE podcasts mission is to:

To empower mums around the world to un-judgingly love themselves and unapologetically be themselves always.

(pretty amazing huh?)
Ok, so on today's show we are speaking with Issy from Seriously Milestones. Seriously Milestones, just in case you have been living under a rock are the amazingly funny, real and relatable milestone cards and also greeting cards –think parenting days of ‘today I refuse to wear clothes’ or ‘today I screamed all day for no reason’ or my personal fave, and always carries the best pics with it. ‘Today my parents are hangover for the first time since having me.’ BESTTTTT

Now, Issy isn’t just an all round amazingly funny biz mum who loves a good wine... Issy is also a wife, a mum of 2 and an avid supporter of ORPHfund.org, Bendigo health fund, RSPCA. Still Birth Foundation Australia and PANDA - Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia
Now, just because Issy comes across as raw, hilarious and all round just a good person this does not mean that she has not been though hard times in her life OR has found parenting to be honestly hard – and today Issy is really opening up to us and telling us her story and how she allowed herself to become the amazing happy mum and woman she is today!!!

Key take aways for YOU:

* Be gentle to yourself *

* Allow yourself to have time *

* Don't be afraid to seek help, or talk to someone - if in doubt always contact your doctor.*

* Just holding someone and telling then it is shit - might actually help*

* When you ask someone how they are and they respond with 'Ok' when you have a feeling they are not, responding with 'Honestly?' shows that person you are ready to hear 'No, actually I'm shit' *

Where to find the amazing Issy??

Instagram: @seriously_milestones

Facebook: @seriouslymilestones

Website: www.seriously.net.au


As I have said and will continue to say, there is never a one shoe fits all when it comes to tackling challenges. Some of the amazing support networks we have come across include:

Coby Stokman (ME!) – Stok Denim Founder & Creative Designer & Mum Coach at The Real Mum Life.
Kate Seselja – The Hope Project
PANDA – Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia
1300 726 306 – Monday-Friday 10am-5pm AEST
Beyond Blue – Depression, Anxiety
1300 224 636 – 24 hours, 7 days a week




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