The Stok Denim journey began long before the initial launch of the label in October 2015… here is our story.
 My name is Coby, and I am the mum, founder and creative designer behind Stok Denim… Back in 2013 (wow, that sounds so long ago!) when our eldest son had just turned 1, I was struggling to find rad, street infused denim for kids… coming from a mum that taught me how to sew and I had studied fashion design, I put all that to use and began altering, distressing and dying ‘plain’ denim to give them that give raw, authentic, street infused finish I had been desperately looking for.
It wasn’t long before I realised the children's clothing market didn't cater for rad, street denim or luxuriously basics that were also sensitive on the skin (with our eldest suffering from mild eczema it was something I was conscious of) - this is when designing started and Stok Denim came to life.
Located in Canberra, Australia we, (meaning my husband Matt, 2 kids and myself) are a family run business with a strong focus on producing Fantastically rad, street infused, unisex denim and luxurious skin sensitive bamboo basics. Made for on trend parents with stylish, adventurous kids.
 We hope you love your Stok Denim as much as we love creating all the collections for all you incredible individuals.